How to take a 360-degreed photo ?

2 August 2019

All you need to know about 360-degree photography

360-degree photography is a great success, especially on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. A factor of emotion and a source of inspiration, remarkable photos trigger many interactions among Internet users. Nevertheless, making original shots may require more technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. Here are the explanations and advice of our 360° photo expert.


A 360-degree image is an image with a particularly wide angle of view, allowing a panoramic view, which contrasts with a standard photo.

The originality of this shot lies in its shooting, which includes the whole environment that surrounds you and not just a fraction of the landscape.

How to take a 360-degree picture ?

Contrary to what one might think, taking a 360-degree picture does not stop when the picture is taken. There are several steps to follow before obtaining a professional result:

  • Installation of all the equipment because this type of shooting requires stability and a careful rotation point.
  • Camera-specific settings to optimize the sharpness and brightness of the picture
  • Taking multiple shots
  • Retouching and assembly on a photo assembly and retouching software
  • Choice of the type of deformation: panorama, crystal ball, mini planet

These steps can take up to 6 hours of work for a professional photographer.


To begin with, the material is essential to obtain a final quality rendering.


The choice of optics will change the shooting techniques. You can choose between the “Wide Angle” and the “Fish eye“. The wide angle will require more photos because the angle is smaller than the fish eye angle. The subtlety of use is based on the orientation of the lens according to each shot, to obtain an overview (sky and ground).

A crucial point is then the search for the “nodal point” and stability. The nodal point will correspond to the rotation point around which the camera will rotate to take a series of shots that will connect perfectly to each other. When the camera does not rotate around this nodal point, the lines will not overlap perfectly during assembly, so the pictures must be taken again. To facilitate the search for this node, the use of a panoramic head is very useful. It has graduated and adjustable rulers allowing the camera to slide. Thus the nodal point will be located just above the axis of rotation. The second essential element for a successful rendering is stability. For this purpose, a tripod is essential.


The photographers at Lakeprod Studio have all the equipment and skills necessary to take this type of photography. We can assist you in taking 360-degree photos in the environment of your choice and in accordance with your needs and dissemination objectives. Lakeprod studio will share all its skills in order to guarantee you a quality rendering in accordance with your expectations.

What is deformation ?

Thanks to an assembly software, all the photos will be gathered together to form the final panorama.


Then, depending on the result you want, we can adapt the photo according to 4 types of deformation: panorama, crystal ball or mini planet.

What environment for this type of photos ?

To benefit from a rendering that meets your expectations, the ideal environment will not only lie in the choice of an outdoor or indoor location. In reality, the environment in itself will not influence the time of assembly, but the “patterns” or “details” present in the photo.


The more different the floor or the middle of the photo is composed of different patterns, the more meticulous the assembly will be. To make it easier, our photographers prefer a solid floor.


On the other hand, it is important that the whole environment is not in motion (e. g. a person walking, movement due to wind etc.), otherwise it could blur part of the image. Finally, to prevent part of the picture from being overexposed and part from being underexposed, the environment must be illuminated, without the optics facing the sun directly.

What is the use ?

This type of photo can be used in several different domains.



Photography requires a certain mastery, especially when it concerns modes of transport such as cars, planes and boats. The 360 photo gives customers the opportunity to have a real tour of the interior, a better overview allowing them to project themselves more easily.



In order to highlight a certain authenticity, the 360 photo is also useful in hotels and shops. This way your future customers have the opportunity to see directly the universe in which they will spend time.



Promoting a school is possible thanks to the 360 photo. Future students and their parents will be able to have a global vision of their future school, and in particular when the student enters a boarding school, which can remove certain constraints, such as travel for on-site visits.



In order for visitors to be able to see the perspective of a room or even its size, the use of the 360° photo is an effective way for the real estate sector. The 360 photo also allows to transcribe the shapes and effects of an architecture that would not have the same effect on a standard photo.


Applicable to several sectors of activity, this shooting mode offers a real immersion to your customers that can really differentiate you on the market. As a photo studio, Lakeprod takes 360° photos for you according to your needs, your objectives and your budget. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.