Four exceptional locations for your corporate shooting in Switzerland

31 August 2018

Four exceptional locations for your corporate shooting in Switzerland

There is nothing like an open-air photo session to break with the usual “stock type” advertising images. For your corporate shooting, rather than a meeting room, you have chosen a natural setting as the background, the cameras are waiting, your colleagues are on the alert. Only one detail is still missing: the name of the place where you will take the perfect shot. Your choice is not made? Don’t worry, Lakeprod advises you some Swiss nuggets.


Lake Geneva, the largest Alpine and subalpine lake in Central Europe, is one of the jewels of French-speaking Switzerland. Its beauty stems in particular from the diversity of the places that border it: the vineyard route, the Alpine chain, seaside resorts such as Montreux, etc. This variety of cities and landscapes makes it an ideal placefor all types of shootings. Discover Vevey, on the northern shore of the canton of Vaud. Its monuments such as the Château Saint-Maire, the Cathedral or the Tour de l’Ale make it a perfect place for your photo or video shooting. In a single shot, you can capture: the lake, the Alps and the paths of the Ouchy quays. The ideal background to promote “local” products, cultural activities or tourist services. Don’t be afraid of climatic constraints. Beautiful in summer and winter, Vevey offers you a mild climate that is suitable for taking pictures and videos.

For a grandiose event, let yourself be conquered by the Gorges du Pont du Diable in the heart of the Sylvester Park. There is a river about 50m underground. Make nature, sports and thrills lovers dream with a memorable photo session while diving or diving below. If you target old stone enthusiasts, prefer the Fort de l’Écluse. A strategic gateway from the Jura to the Alps, it has hosted the Ecluse parade since antiquity and will seduce cultivatedaudiences.



Lucerne and its surroundings are famous for their covered wooden bridges. The Kapellebrücke in particular is a must in the city, as is Alstadt and the old centre with its thousand colours. Water, tiles, bricks and flower boxes: an incredible range of textures are available for your goal, for amazing results on social networks -Instagram for example. Be careful, however, to entrust your project to an experienced photo studio. This superb background should not swallow up your campaign topic.


The Ruinaulta offers you for its part exoticism and plenitude. Nicknamed the Swiss Grand Canyon and nestled in a green setting, it reaches an altitude of 400m. As quiet as it is abrupt, this unusual place that crosses the Rhine provides calm and a change of scenery to your advertising campaigns. His mere sight is a journey in itself. Our advice: wait until sunset to capture the blaze of the peaks.


Does your company want to improve its knowledge of animal communication campaigns? In this case, go to the Creux du Van nature reserve. Many endemic animal species live freely and as long as you respect their habitat, you can photograph or film marmots, ibexes and other creatures from the peaks. You can do the same with a wide range of unique plants, such as asters, anemones and gentians. An opportunity to reintroduce a little something unexpected into advertising campaigns that are sometimes very popular, while paying tribute to the fauna and flora of the mountain pastures.


Need pictures or videos of a riding session? The ranches and magnificent horses of the Val d’Anniviers will delight you. Surpass them in beauty? It’s almost impossible. In summer, opt for a short gallop in the flowery valley; in winter, the alpine snow will provide you with another setting of excellence to showcase the animal you have chosen. Note that this type of shooting requires a certain amount of logistics in terms of transport, accessories and animal management. But with a good studio, the photos or videos you get will be worth it.



With a view stretching from the Jura to the Bernese Alps, via Lake Thun and the Simmental, another breathtaking panorama awaits you in Niesen. How many holidaymakers or influencers photographing the view will you see then? Social networks are full of summit images, so be inventive. Take an interest in the small bright red funicular that climbs the mountainside. If you look closely, you will find a real charm to its little train-like look. Pass on this picturesque magic to your customers and followers. Immortalize the valour and smallness of this machine from another time, work on colours and exposure in post-production and give it a charming vintage look.


Less technical in appearance but just as fascinating, the Trift Bridge offers a spectacular view and crossing of the Gadmen abyss, overlooking the canton of Berne. Its 170 metres long, no less than 100 metres above the ground, ensures the interest of thrill seekers, but also poets and nostalgic people. Because they are apparentlyonly a few pieces of wood connected by a rope!


All in all, Switzerland is endowed with wealth for all occasions. So many possibilities to use for your corporate shootings, whether in photos, videos or other media. Switzerland’s natural jewellery thus gives an unforgettable flavour to your countryside.


If you would like to use professional photographers / videographers to assist you in the realization of your shooting, do not hesitate to contact us.