Exploit the “healthy food” trend

28 September 2018

Exploit the "healthy food" trend

The number of overweight people has tripled since 1975: this is one of the observations on which a major social media trend of the last ten years, the healthy food trend, is based. Cult of appearance or simple promotion of a healthy lifestyle? In any case, this trend reinforces the importance of food photo shoots and in particular shots of healthy ingredients and dishes.


“Healthy eating”, this expression illustrates a healthy food trend with very broad horizons. The main mindset is of course to eat fruits and vegetables and to leave behind sugars, chemicals and other saturated fats. Other factors come into play in conjunction with these; in addition to the contemporary over-valuation of the body and physical appearance, well-being and inner harmony paradoxically gain in weight among Internet users. Reconciling pleasure with a keen sense of nutrition – and showing it: this is the challenge that the healthy food movement has set itself.

Healthy food is widely available according to the tastes of Internet users. From the simple hipster impulse to the terrace of a café to the real diet, it deteriorates and shades as much as the palette of restaurants. However, it would be nothing without the many photos posted on social networks. Instagram in particular is the perfect platform to spread fashion: local, quality products, well presented, varied and colourful, beautiful above all. On the borderline of food porn, the healthy food trend is at best a journey of the senses, at worst an artificial paradise.


Would you like to increase your visibility on Instagram as an influencer? Promote your healthy products? The quality of the shots taken of the dishes is essential. Below, you will find some basic rules of culinary photography, largely adapted to the healthy food trend.


  • There is nothing better than daylight to illuminate dishes. However, direct exposure should be avoided to avoid an overabundance of shadows in the photo. Natural light is therefore an asset if it is well
  • Simplicity is the watchword for the decor and the dishes used. In this way, it is the dish in question that captures all the attention and not its environment. Not to mention that healthy food is logically accompanied by a cover that appears relatively bare in the collective imagination.
  • The ingredients used must be highlighted when the dish does not highlight them. Thus, they can be used as decoration of the dish, or of the table. Seeds are a perfect example: sprinkling pine nuts, sesame or sunflower seeds on your dish can be an unexpected source of added
  • It is essential to choose the right angles of view to obtain the best photographic results. A simple grip from above or in profile is rarely enough to take the perfect food. Sometimes you have to focus on the depth of field, for example.


The healthyfood trend is flooding social networks. You’ve probably seen dozens of bowls of colourful plates from friends on trips or weekends. Here are a few dishes that, if you’re on the right track, can help you gain visibility on social networks.

First of all, the “poke bowl” is establishing itself as the healthy food starter for the summer of 2018. Buddha bowl, veggie bowl, the variations of this social media star abound. Raw marinated tuna, soy sauce, avocado, vegetables and rice, this nutritionally flawless dish is almost unanimously acclaimed.

Vegetarian burgers are also particularly popular. Although classic, they remain at the top of Instagram’s summer food charts. High in fiber and available everywhere, they are strategically positioned in a variety of categories, from inexpensive to premium, which guarantees them a large market share.

Finally, 2018 saw the birth of the “superfoods” era. Cabbage kale, avocado, quinoa, walnuts and acai… these colourful hipster products are often rich in antioxidants and other super-powered nutrients. They generally offer very good photographic results.

Although the source of inexhaustible debate, healthy food is easily diffused and unscriptable; it is therefore a weighty asset for your shootings, visible, appetizing and able to arouse the emotion that is sometimes missing from certain standard advertising campaigns. Surf on the trend, but without overdoing it: beware of prejudice!


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