live in blue

Lakeprod Realisations Liveinblue 2

background and objectives

Our production studio had the opportunity to collaborate with two artists in a timeless event with a beautiful script called “Live in Blue”. This atypical performance concert, which took place at the Bridge Paris, aimed to mix art and music.

On the music side, the rock band Nórd. The latter had the opportunity to play in several Zeniths of France, notably alongside Bob Dylan, Lionel Richie and Depeche Mode.

On the art side, the French street artist DanHôo. His artistic talent is based on calligraphic paintings and Chinese characters, notably thanks to paint projections.

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The collaboration between our artistic directors and our videographers resulted in a video teaser lasting less than a minute to arouse the curiosity of the spectators and encourage them to participate in the event.

We also produced an event video to cover the event and highlight DanHôo’s creations.