14 October 2022

What is motion design and who are the experts involved in making a motion design video?

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What is motion design? How can you make motion design videos to reinforce your communication and marketing strategy? Who are the business experts? Find out all the answers in this article!

What is motion design?

A technique based on the animation of graphic elements

Motion design, literally “drawing in motion”, is the art of animating graphic elements (images, pictograms, typography, etc.).
Originally, this technique was used in the creation of film credits. However, today, its use has spread to many fields and various media (cinema, television, performances, websites, video games, etc.).
Its principle is to convey a strong and clear message in a short period of time, often between 30 and 90 seconds, by going straight to the point. To make this possible, movement plays a fundamental role in capturing the attention of your audience by bringing the graphic elements to life. To make the video more dynamic, motion design can be accompanied by background music, voice-over and/or sound design.
Motion design has three uses. Firstly, storytelling, which allows a message to be conveyed through a captivating story. Corporate use, which is used to promote a company’s product or service to customers or prospects. Finally, the educational/informative use, very present on the web, which allows the public to have a better understanding of a product or a service for example.
Motion design videos have a wide variety of formats. Many technical possibilities are offered thanks to a wide variety of styles: the iconographic style (use of pictograms and symbols), the infographic style (for the presentation of data), the whiteboard (drawings animated on a whiteboard), 3D, the pencil style (impression that the drawing is done by hand) and the stop motion (assembly of several images putting an object or a person in motion)

Motion design, a technique that is gaining popularity on social networks

Present on many digital media, motion design is the new video trend. This type of video has rapidly conquered the web, mobile applications and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, etc.) and is generating a real craze among the public. More and more companies have understood the potential of motion design and are using this technique to strengthen their digital communication strategy. Indeed, it is perfect for presenting your company, a new product, service, brand, event, in a striking way and strongly increases the engagement of your Internet users. According to a study by Oberlo, 90% of them believe that the video format plays a role in their purchasing decision.

Why make a motion design video?

Why are motion design videos more effective than traditional videos?

The video format is a major marketing trend for 2022. Indeed, 7 out of 10 consumers prefer video format to text. Nevertheless, motion design videos are more effective because they offer many advantages over traditional videos.
By mobilising several senses, sight and sound, video more easily attracts the attention of your audience. Nevertheless, the originality of motion design comes from the fact that it completely revisits the way in which content is presented. It popularises a complex subject with quality visual information to make the content attractive and accessible to all. The success and virality of motion design is due to its dynamism, originality, but also to its ability to synthesise. At a time when your audience’s attention span is shrinking, the short format of a motion design video makes it much easier to capture your audience’s attention, making it easier to remember and assimilate.
Motion design also has the advantage of being less expensive than a video production involving real actors, since it requires a smaller team and is quicker to produce.
Finally, adding this artistic work to your website helps to improve the referencing of your page.

When is it worth making a motion design video?

As you can see, this technique offers many opportunities to improve your communication on social networks, the web, newsletters, etc., and will quickly bring results to your company. Although its use is very flexible, it is mainly used to promote the release of a new product or service. For example, it is ideal for explaining the usefulness of a product/service and how it works. It is also popular for raising awareness of a cause among a specific audience by highlighting key figures.

How to create a motion design video?

The process of creating a motion design video

In order to start a motion design video, you must first have a clear idea of your needs and the objective of your video. This is why it is necessary to write a brief explaining the project, its objectives, the target, the message, the values and the visual identity of the company as well as the duration of the video.
The second step is to write the script. It is important to ensure that the script conveys the right message and respects the length of the video.
The next step in the production process is the storyboard. This document visually traces the different screens that will be animated. For each screen, make sure you mention the corresponding script and explain in detail how the images will be animated and which transitions will occur at which moments to facilitate the animation work.
Next comes the layout phase. This stage consists of creating the different graphic elements from the previous documents.
The next stage is the animation. The motion designer assembles the different images and brings them to life. To make your content even more attractive and accessible, you can add sound. This can be music or a voice-over. As many videos are nowadays consumed without sound on social networks, it is also a good idea to add subtitles to your video.

The main tools for producing motion design video

To obtain a quality video, the software from the Adobe suite is mainly used: After Effects software is essential for any motion designer, Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and Adobe Audition for sound. Cinema 4D is also very useful if you want to create 3D content. You will also need Illustrator to create beautiful graphics.

The professional experts and skills involved in creating the video

The technique of motion design involves a team of different trade experts. It involves writers, designers, animators, an art director and a project manager. The art director and the project manager work together to ensure that the video respects the client’s graphic charter. The authors create a script, the designers create a relevant and adapted storyboard, the graphic team (graphic designers, computer graphics artists) creates attractive and quality visuals, and finally, the animators take care of the visual and sound editing.

A few tips on how to make a quality production

Do you want to make motion design videos? Here are some tips to improve your performance and create quality content. First of all, be careful not to multiply the text and animation styles, limit yourself to three. Otherwise, it may confuse users. Our second piece of advice is to make the animation of the elements more fluid by playing with the speeds. Also be careful to divide your script into screens so that the same image does not remain on the screen for too long. Finally, one last little tip: vary the transitions and shots to make your video more dynamic!
You now have all the keys to making a motion design video.

Why call on studio LAKEPROD for your motion design video?

You have a project to create a motion design video? Call on an agency of professionals in the field to obtain a quality video that will convey the message you want. Our studio will accompany you throughout your project until the post-production step so that the result fully meets your needs. Our studio’s team of experts offers a variety of skills that will make your video stand out. Working closely with the Habefast communications agency, we provide advice on communication strategy for the launch of your video.
Do you want to boost your communication strategy with motion design? Call on our services!

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