06 July 2022

Watchmaking photography, the art of detail

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Switzerland, a country with a worldwide reputation and the cradle of luxury watchmaking since the 16th century, lives to the rhythm of the hands on its dial. This can be felt when you pass by the Flower Clock, the Museum of Watchmaking and Enamelware, or the City of Time in Geneva. The perfection of these jewels is due to the high quality of the watchmakers’ craftsmanship. In fact, when such objects are made, it is more than necessary to know how to highlight them to sell them. The best way to display them is to make perfectly executed pictures.

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The manufacture of luxury watches requires a very specialized know-how, as well as great experience. It is all the more a field of precision as the tools and components used for the mechanics, for the manufacture of the dial, or sometimes of the dials, of the hands and of the decoration are often precious, costly or fragile. It is then important to use dexterity and great mastery.

In addition, there are certain expectations regarding the practical aspects of the watch. The screen must not be scratched, so Sapphire glass must be used, the gears must not be touched by anything external and so the watch must be airtight, the materials and mechanics must not deteriorate with time… All this is a process that must be enhanced. A luxury watch is not a simple piece of jewelry from the workshop, when you sell such an object, you are selling a profession, a culture, a know-how, perhaps even a historical heritage. In order to highlight this whole process, it is necessary to call upon precision photographers, photographers who will know how to bring out the smallest details of the watch, to reveal its best reflections, its solidity, and its perfection.


Here are the essential qualities for a watch photographer:

  • Precise knowledge and excellent technique are necessary. Also, the equipment must be excellent, so that the photographer has access to the best technology possible. This way, he will be able to manage problems of highlighting, reflection, use the right reflectors or projectors, find a good stability…
  • The photographer must be patient, a perfectionist, and be able to improvise at any time. Why improvise? It happens that something is missing in the light, or in the scenery, and in this case he must be able to think of innovative solutions to achieve the goal of taking the picture. This can be by finding objects already present in the studio, a background image, a change of exposure. It is a creative, rigorous job, which often requires a touch of originality to get the perfect shot.
  •  Be passionate: not only about photography, but also about watchmaking. A true enthusiast will have the best look at the watch to bring out its best qualities. He will know what the customer wants to see even before taking the picture.


Here are some explanations to take pictures of watches:

  • First of all, it is better to do the photo shoot in a studio. Why? It will be much easier to manage the brightness, the reflections or the shadows. In a studio, everything can be controlled and used to achieve the best shot.
  • To succeed in a luxury watch photography, you must first imagine the desired result. This allows the photographer to have a predefined goal to achieve and to set a framework for the shooting. It is therefore necessary to have imagination!
  • When the perception exercise is finished, it is time to move on to the setting of the scene. Indeed, the photographer will, as in the cinema, create a setting for the watch, in a refined decor, filled with other objects, there may be many options. Always keep in mind the main object of the scene: the watch. In addition, the angle of the shot should lead the eye directly to the watch. In particular, it is wise to draw the eye to the dial and not to the strap, unless this is intentional.
  • Next, you need to focus on the lighting. Artificial light is preferred, as it balances the lighting of the photos. Many tools are possible to take the best shot of your collection or your workshop, polarizing filters, using the exposure correction wheel…
  • Shooting: always stabilize your camera and prepare the shutter release delay, which helps to avoid a blurred shot.

The process being complex, the best solution is to call on professionals!


Watch photography is very different from landscape, portrait, or outdoor photography. A professional photographer can be excellent, but if he is not specialized in the field of a watchmaker, the rendering will not be the same. Why? A photographer used to showcase watches can see at first glance what angle will be the best, what brightness to use, what projectors, what settings for the camera, what would make the frame more design, what technique to use …

This market is all the more particular as it concerns artistic mechanical objects whose gears are difficult to detect. It is therefore necessary to have a professional who is used to producing the work of the watchmaker in images.

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In our photo production studio, you’ll find experts in the field as evidenced by the images you can view on this page. We are committed to producing images that match the ideal image that our clients want for their brand.

We will work hand in hand with you to advise you, accompany you in your project, and meet your artistic and professional expectations. We can take pictures of your collection to promote it, just as we can make a photo or video report in your workshops and watch factories. Our studio teams will be able to render the essence and heritage of your production in images thanks to their expertise and their quality equipment.

Are you looking to communicate on a watchmaking project, on your watch repair or manufacturing workshop, your watch band or clock company? One of our specialized photographers will be able to answer this request.

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