19 January 2018

photo and video trends for the year 2018

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Photo and video trends for 2018

New Year means new photo and video trends! So, do you already have an idea of the trends for the coming year? We’ll give you our predictions and the trends we’ve already noticed.

Let’s take a quick look back at the year 2017. Diversity was in the spotlight and many photos and videos dealt with this topic. In the same vein, flashy colours were in the spotlight. Also, complementary color combinations were used to create surprising photos full of vitality. It was therefore a year rich in colour and diverse subjects. The essential were always there: animal, nature and portrait photography. Find in our top the photos that marked us in 2017.

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the tones in the spotlight for your photos in 2018

For 2018, a few trends are still trendy, which is why culinary photography is still in fashion. Its precision and gourmet dishes are always appreciated. The same goes for timeless landscape or architectural photography, where plants are the main focus. This is reflected in the ecological trend that is still in vogue today. The colour green has often been given pride of place, including Greenery being voted the Pantone® colour of the year 2017. It is now Pantone® Ultra Purple that embodies the year 2018. From now on, metallic colours are back in fashion. These metallic photos are even more trendy if they are made in black and white, as monochrome photos are the trend of the year 2018.

In terms of form, monochrome colours go hand in hand with the return of minimalism. Minimalist photography is a style that is becoming more and more widespread in the world of photography. Many photographers are appropriating this style in various fields, for example in portrait photography, wildlife shooting, landscape or architecture. Minimalist photography particularly calls upon the composition of the photo, where one gives a very pure, or very geometrical rendering. It is important to highlight the subject in the photo by choosing the right composition. A minimalist photo makes it possible to isolate a subject, to show the space, the immensity, the curves or the shapes of a building, to really emphasize what one wants to show in the photo. Minimalist photography can give a certain feeling of escape, of freedom.

In addition, graphic compositions will again become a trend. Indeed, the associations of geometrical shapes will be highlighted. This form of minimalism brings a certain symmetry in the photos.

focus on video

Videos are still very trendy in 2018! Last year, storytelling was very important, especially in different commercials. For the photos, this translates into the expression of a story that can be seen at a glance. For videos, storytelling means the atmosphere of the video, but also the script, the shooting techniques and the post production. People are therefore put in the centre of attention and emotions are demonstrated, bringing a certain feeling to the videos of 2018.

As with photos, graphic videos are omnipresent in the media. Fast transition effects such as zooming and switching were trendy in 2017 and will remain so for 2018. These videos are very rhythmic with ambient sounds, which are no longer masked by music but revealed in 2018, to bring more dynamism and life to the videos.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account new technologies in your videos. Don’t hesitate to try 360° videos to allow your viewers to enter in total immersion in your universe. The sequences made with drones give a global impression to your videos, and reinforce this feeling of immersion. It also highlights a place from all its angles and encourages the viewer to continue viewing your video because he is an actor of the video, and can interact with the decor.

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fashionable colors in 2018, to inspire your photos:

  • Peach pink
  • Violet – Ultra violet
  • Imperial Blue
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Lilac
  • Pastel colours remain trendy

Here are our predictions and those of some photographers and videographers for this coming year. In any case, we are always on the lookout for new trends and we’ll be sure to give you the ones to come. If you would like us to do a photo shoot for your company or project:

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