15 September 2017

the major platforms for publishing your videos online

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the major platforms for publishing your videos online

While we have just learned at the beginning of September the sharp drop in visits on the Dailymotion platform, other platforms are growing rapidly. Videos are becoming a mode of expression in their own right and are being used more and more. Online video publishing sites abound and social networks are getting up to date in order to offer more adapted solutions. You’re probably wondering which platform is best suited for your videos, so let’s take a look at the main online publishing platforms.

Whether it’s for your professional or personal videos, the choice will depend on a number of criteria: are you willing to pay to publish your video? Do you want to reach a maximum number of people or a more targeted category of people? Is this video part of your SEO strategy? If you would like more information on this topic, please read our article dedicated to SEO.

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major video publishing platforms

Let’s start with the giant YouTube and its advantages. This platform is totally free and does not put a time limit on the videos posted. But the major advantage of this platform lies in the number of users that YouTube attracts. It is true that with 4 million videos watched per day, you will have a wide distribution. Especially since YouTube videos appear in Google searches. Publishing your videos on YouTube is therefore a way to improve your natural referencing. What’s more, YouTube is the platform par excellence for video clips of your music.
But this platform has some limitations, especially in terms of the abundance of videos. Yours could easily be drowned in the middle of all the others, if you don’t put a budget for broadcasting to promote it. The other negative point lies in the fact that the site hosts many ads, and some may appear when viewing your videos.

Dailymotion remains topical despite the rumors of closure. This platform remains a major competitor of YouTube. Easier to use for viewing and publishing videos than YouTube, Dailymotion seduces by its visibility because you’ll have less competition: your video will be able to stand out better.

But this site remains less attractive and the quality of the videos is less good, because the high definition mode is only accessible with a premium account.

The Vimeo platform has a positioning focused on creative and artistic videos but is also experiencing a boom in corporate videos. Many filmmakers do not hesitate to use this site because quality is the most important thing. It’s the den of many professionals and Vimeo’s restricted community makes it possible to reach a particular target. Moreover, the viewing of your videos will not be disturbed by advertisements. Nevertheless, this platform prohibits the publication of videos for commercial purposes. The publication capacity is also limited, except for paid membership.

Finally, for your marketing videos, the Wistia platform will meet your expectations. It proposes to completely personalize your videos or video clips in their appearance, but also concerning sharing on social networks. You will be able to create a “call to action” in order to facilitate the process of contacting you thanks to the use of direct links at the end of the video for example. But that’s not all, the platform also proposes to measure the diffusion and transformation rate. These services are of course paid for, and it remains quite expensive.

choose your publishing platform according to your expectations

The list is not exhaustive, other platforms are also online, including specialized platforms. For example, if you want to publish a video of board sports, the Zapiks website is the perfect choice. Chefclub is a site for your online cooking videos. It is also necessary to relay on social networks the videos you publish on these sites to maximize your broadcast.

The platforms are to be chosen according to different criteria, but you have to take into account the fact that the smaller ones are subject to competition from the big groups. The Vine site, in particular, was quickly ousted because of intense controversy and overwhelming competition, despite an innovative short video format. Note also that when you have an account on YouTube or Vimeo, you can make quite basic editing for your post-production: music, transitions, color retouching and even titles on Vimeo. This platform offers this service also on its application, and you can edit directly after the video shooting on your smartphone.

Videos are now a must-have, and new practices are developing, such as motion design or drone videos.

You are a company or an individual and you are looking to make a video for your website or to broadcast it on online plateforms?

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