07 February 2023

The advantages of using a drone for your professional photos and videos in Switzerland

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What is a drone?

The word drone comes from English and means “drone”. It is an aircraft piloted remotely by a pilot, amateur or professional, which can have different purposes. There are different categories of use. Military drones are widely used, they have a great autonomy, allow aerial shots in high resolution, and are discreet. There are also recreational drones, which are very small and light and vary greatly in quality. However, there are safety rules to follow as drones are regulated by laws, but they can be used in many places, which is convenient for making videos or taking photos and selfies in difficult places such as mountains or the sea. Then there are the professional civilian drones that offer different types of services, including photography and video. This is what we offer at Lakeprod for your professional shots in Switzerland. Our photographers and videographers are trained in the use of different types of drones, which allows us to shoot in any situation. We can make montages to create advertising spot, or offer wide-angle aerial photography to highlight a place, a landscape or a company.

What are the advantages of the drone for your photos?

Aerial photographs are an asset for your company because they can, for example, show the extent of an industrial site or entire premises. This can be very useful for your marketing campaigns. Drones have been a revolution in aerial photography because they are easy to use and the cost of taking drone photos is relatively affordable. The drone has an interesting autonomy, allows to be very precise and can also make hovering flights which is a considerable asset for aerial photos. It can therefore be flown in different places, especially in populated areas to take pictures from a height. The fact that it is radio-controlled gives the professional photographer a certain comfort with a live image of what the drone’s camera is recording. He can then position himself well, wait for the perfect light or reach complicated places.

It also allows for exceptional images with other perspectives, especially with panoramic views. Not to mention locations, it can be used to provide stunning corporate photography with innovative shots in front of offices or during a business event. Drone photography allows you to show a dynamic image and a fresh perspective on your team. You can also use them for your events to get a unique and global view.

Finally, you can use the radio-controlled drone to make a precise filming on a particular product and thus create very precise photographs, you can try to put your objects in movement thanks to several photographs taken in succession. Indeed, the drone allows an exceptional photographic freedom and that’s why we offer this service at Lakeprod.

What are the advantages of the drone for your videos?

The drone is one of the many advantages of a professional videographer, as it allows him to be original and very creative. As long as the professional knows how to respect the flight norms, he has an infinite number of possibilities with this tool. With videos you can film places like the inside of a tunnel or an attraction in a park, which is very complex with other tools.
You can also use it to create original and unusual advertising spots, presenting your products or services from a particular angle, or telling your story using aerial shots.
It is a very interesting device for the real estate industry because you can show the exterior as well as the interior of a property or a building. It is also a tool that lends itself to small objects such as watches, with close-ups at the beginning and then a zoom on the product. The quality of the camera allows it to be adapted to any type of situation.

How to use a drone for your professional photos and videos?

First of all, you need to know your objective. There are different budgets depending on the type of drone and the use you will make of it. Drones for professional use are quite expensive but offer exceptional quality, as is the case with our equipment.
Then you have to find out about all the safety standards to be respected. In Switzerland, the regulations are the same as in the European Union, i.e. a maximum height of 120m must be respected if you do not have a special authorisation.
It is also necessary to be trained in the piloting of the drone, to manage all the possibilities of filming, in particular by knowing how to manage the aerodynamics, the frame, the joysticks or the stabiliser, but also by using tools such as the thermal camera or the wide angle for a better adaptation to each situation. Training is therefore an essential step because there are many aspects to master in order to obtain interesting shots.

Why use a drone in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the opportunities to shoot videos or commercials are great considering the multitude of landscapes that this magnificent country offers. The use of a drone is therefore an exceptional advantage especially for promoting your Swiss company. Whether it is in mountainous areas or to fly over the lake, its use will allow you to create exceptional renderings for your company.

How do we use our drone for your professional photos and videos?

At Lakeprod, we can help you with all your photo and video projects. Our professional photographers and videographers are experienced in the use of the drone, which allows them to meet your expectations with original shots that correspond to you.

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