06 December 2022

Social networks: why working with professionals for your photos and videos

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Photos and videos: a quality issue on social networks

On average, each user spends 2.5 hours of their daily time on social networks. In April 2022, 2,430,000 snaps were exchanged every minute. Facebook has 2.9 billion users, YouTube 2.5 billion, Instagram 1.5 billion, TikTok 1 billion, and 830 million on LinkedIn. 100 million hours of videos are viewed every day. These are just a few figures that show the very dynamic activity of social networks around the world. They are therefore the preferred platforms for companies for their B2B and B2C relations.
If private users do not follow any rules for their publications, a company must respect certain codes on the networks to increase its reputation and create good relations with its customers. Photos and videos must be of excellent quality, because posts on the networks reflect the quality of the company and establish the degree of trust that customers will have in it. Therefore, professional quality photos and videos are needed, even when the content is for entertainment purposes.

What kind of photo and video content for what kind of social networks

Instagram: the social network for your business

The majority of Instagram users are between 25 and 34 years old. This makes them a prime target for companies as they are young adults who are often very active and receptive. To attract their attention, you need quality photo and video content with clear brand content and a strong visual identity. This is the social network to express your visual creativity with harmonious photo galleries and a feed that makes the prospect want to learn more about your company. You can use your front page story to enhance your presence on the network and share relevant aspects about your business.
The visuals should all be of high quality to give the user confidence and enhance the user experience. Using professional photographers and videographers can be a great idea for Instagram as their artistic eye will ensure a flawless result that can differentiate you, and improve your social media presence.
In terms of communication, you can publish photos as well as videos, both work. However, the video format is preferred to create interactions and improve your conversion rate, and photos to describe your products and services, present your company and expose your image.

Facebook: the ageing social network not to be underestimated

One of the major interests of this network for your business is to be able to create professional pages on which you can share various visual contents, photos and videos as well as texts. You can build a portfolio and a real community full of prospects. The age range of this network is higher than on Instagram, and it is a less artistic social network. The visuals don’t have to be of lower quality, just efficient, to-the-point shots. You don’t need a harmonious feed, but rather a logic in your posts. Videos on Facebook also have more impact than photos, which is why you can rely on videos that are striking, professional enough and of excellent quality.

LinkedIn: the best tool for B2B

On LinkedIn you can only expect professional content. It’s not about humour or art, it’s about attractiveness and efficiency. Here you can present your teams with portrait photographs, your premises and workstations with company, factory or fashion photographs according to your different professions. It is a social media that can help you target your potential customers according to what interests them. LinkedIn also allows you to create a real network, which is one of the reasons why your company’s image and visual identity must be clear, very professional and of excellent quality. LinkedIn is not very conducive to video, although the format is growing, and it is better to post content such as presentations, carrousels, photographs of portraits or projects you have done. LinkedIn is very important for your e-reputation. It is an essential medium in your community management strategy because whether in B2B or B2C, various potential customers will inevitably come to this social network to find out more.

YouTube: the popular social network

So YouTube is all about video, it’s a very popular network especially among millennials. Even though it is quite old, it is one of the most active social media. Indeed, you can post videos presenting your products or services, or interviews, shots of your premises, a presentation of your teams, you can share your events. It is a platform where it is beneficial to be visible and can have a place in your strategy depending on your business. A company’s YouTube videos should portray a professional image even if the content can be free and sometimes even light-hearted to humanise your brand image. It is therefore important to post quality content, with well-crafted editing and post-production to animate your community and generate more traffic through links to your site.

TikTok: the new social network that keeps growing

With its meteoric growth, this is a network not to be overlooked, no matter what your profession. The community is quite young, although it has grown significantly. These are very short video formats that are very popular as they take little time to watch, and are a great way to work on your customer relations by sharing more humorous and human content. However, light content does not mean a lack of quality, especially for a business. Certain editing skills are required, and you can use this medium to showcase some of your products.

Advertising on social networks

Advertising on social networks works very well. Sponsored content as it is called is present on all platforms, most often in video or image carousel format as this is the one that generates the most audience and interaction. You can find this kind of advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and also on LinkedIn, even though it is already a network exclusively for professionals. For your video ads, it is important to keep in mind that an ad tends to annoy the user. To capture their attention, they need to be interested in the very first few seconds. Your video must therefore be very attractive and original to capture the user’s attention long enough. An advertisement also reflects the image of your company, so the quality must be impeccable and the message must be very clear.
Advertising on social networks is an excellent way to increase awareness, and the cost is quite reasonable. It is a social strategy to integrate into your marketing strategy. You can easily develop your community and use it as a lever to direct users to your website for example.

Why use a professional for your social media content

A professional photographer or videographer will be able to use his or her experience to make you look good in any situation, regardless of your profession. Whether it’s for industrial photos and videos, fashion photos, team portraits or corporate photos, they will know how to adapt to the terrain and bring out your best assets on social media.
For promotion on the networks it is also important to integrate professional photos and videos that will have a better chance of making an impression on users and growing your community.
No matter what sector you are in, it can be very beneficial to allocate part of your marketing strategy budget to professionally taken photos and videos to have quality media that will be more attractive, and therefore generate more traffic thanks to the algorithms.

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