29 September 2017

get high up in a drone!

Lakeprod Blog Prenez De La Hauteur En Drone 3
get high up in a drone!

While we have long conquered the air through aviation, it is now possible to gain height while keeping our feet on the ground, thanks to the democratisation of the use of drones. This new form of technology now allows us to take photos and videos several dozen metres from the ground. A great way to promote a place in an innovative way!

Lakeprod Blog Prenez De La Hauteur En Drone

capture an entire event

The UAV allows you to take a step back from an event or a site, and thus have a real overview. Certain aspects of the environment will thus, through a global view, take their place in a whole to which they belong. For example, a building under construction may find a certain homogeneity when shown as a whole within a more global architectural complex. Quick to put into action, it will be appreciated by as many people as possible. The photos and videos obtained by drone are taken by all.

Whether it is about structures or construction sites, natural landscapes, large-scale equipment or events; the subjects are certainly suitable for UAV photography. This technology allows a sufficient distance to highlight both the scale of an event and the progress of a construction site, particularly with “before/after” images. But a UAV photo or a UAV video can also be an opportunity to highlight an architectural specificity or a very precise detail. The UAV is therefore useful in many ways.

a tool with many advantages

UAV photography is also an ecological and economical way to communicate. Indeed, this alternative solution to a camera or a camera embarked on a helicopter, has no impact on nature. In addition, extremely handy, UAVs are an opportunity to obtain extremely precise pictures from unusual angles. Thanks to the dexterity of the pilots, it is possible to obtain images of unusual places!

However, the use of these machines is subject to numerous rules, especially for safety, privacy or certain areas. Moreover, the price of these devices is high, especially for an infrequent use. Please also note that despite its manoeuvrability, the UAV will require some time to adapt in order to tame it!

However, modern and dynamic, this new way of apprehending the image has not finished surprising and seducing us. This method proves to have a real added value for your projects.

If you would like to make a photo or a video drone:

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