04 July 2019

corporate video rates

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Specialists in corporate video , we have had the opportunity to work for different types of projects and sectors of activity, whether in the hotel industry, restaurants, real estate, industry, tourism, etc. The possibilities offered by the image being indeed infinite, we adapt each of the projects that we realize to the objectives, needs and values of our customers.

Our audiovisual production company can produce a variety of corporate videos, from 30-second teasers to several-minute interviews, for all types of activities.

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When setting the price of a corporate video, different parameters are considered, varying according to the preparation of the video, the shooting or the post-production. There is therefore not a fixed price for all institutional films, but different factors that make the price variable. We are also committed to adapting to everyone’s projects, and we can therefore propose the most suitable scripts according to your budget.


The first variable concerns the type of video selected. A video clip? A company video? An event film? Or a commercial? Each type of video requires different preparations before shooting and often conditions the duration of the shooting. A company video, a drone video, a marketing video or an event video will require different means that will impact the final budget. For example, a motion design video requires graphic designers for the illustrations and a motion designer for the animation. An event video requires camera operators present at your event and video artists in post production. These two examples of videos are not prepared in the same way, do not mobilize the same teams and will therefore not be billed at the same rate.

In order to create an impactful and relevant video, the strategic preparation of your corporate video is essential. With this in mind, the production of a script, scenario or storyboard is the mission of our video studio. The complexity of this will also affect the final budget.

the shooting

Concerning the shooting of the video, different elements have to be taken into account. The shooting time will be a first variable, as well as the location of the shooting, which may require travel expenses for the film crew and production equipment, and finally the number of people needed on the shoot. The equipment needed for the shooting, such as lights, micro-collars or type of devices, will also influence the price of your video. For example, the need for aerial shots requiring the use of a drone may change the price. Each project is unique and our audiovisual production agency wants to adapt to your needs as best as possible, which explains why rates vary depending on the project.


In post-production, the price is influenced by the desired effects and the complexity of the editing. Depending on the type of video, the optimization of the shots, the integration of animations or the adjustment of the sounds with the images will take more or less time and will vary the price of your video. It will also be necessary to take into account the conditions of diffusion of the video. For example, optimizing the sound or images to match the standards of the different distribution platforms will add post-production time and thus increase the video rates. The addition of a voice-over and the use of special effects also have an impact on video rates.

Would you like a precise price estimate for the production of your corporate video project?

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