15 September 2021

Interview, tips for making a good video interview

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Present on the podium of the most popular formats on the Internet, the interview is an excellent way to make you know your company and its values. Through the key actors of your activity, the people who will watch your interviews will be able to better understand your activity and your vision. However, a poorly done interview would have the opposite effect and could drive away a potential prospect.

What are the objectives of an interview?

When presenting a company, the main objective of the interview is to hold the attention of a target audience. To do this, a short and concise interview is ideal to keep the viewer attentive to your content. If done right, the interview will allow you to connect with your audience and generate interactions with new customers. It can also be used to learn more about a specific person or a company in general. The interviewee(s) will be able to talk about their visions, ideas, projects or their roles within the company. Within the framework of the promotion of an offer, you can carry out an external communication by interviewing your satisfied customers. They will be able to talk about what you have done for them, their satisfaction levels, but also their feedback. For an HR communication, conduct an interview on jobs related to your recruitment in order to attract the best profiles.

Why conduct an interview?

Audiovisual exchanges have a different effect on the people who watch them. Unlike other written formats such as articles, websites or social media posts, the interview allows your audience to discover another side of your company. Thanks to the visual, your audience will get a much more concrete idea of you and your company. The way you express yourself, or the gestures you develop, will have an impact on the feeling of your audience after viewing. The interview will be an opportunity for you to add value to your presentations and to show yourself in your true light, with natural reactions, a smile and authenticity. The interview also facilitates close communication and will help you reach your communication targets with less difficulty.

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Why is it important to prepare for an interview?

Although it can be done by anyone, the interview requires some preparation. First of all, you must determine the purpose of the interview. What is your target audience, what message do you want to convey, what image do you want to project?

The questions that will be asked must be worked on and researched according to the objectives that you have set for yourself. This will allow you to have an organized interview that is understandable for everyone. The preparation of an interview is very important, it is essential that the interviewee concentrates more on his behavior and gestures. The content of the answers must be worked out beforehand. Well-prepared questions and answers will also allow for a fluid and natural discourse that is pleasant to listen to.

If the interview is poorly prepared, you risk accumulating unwanted noise due to hesitation and time to think. While some of these may be cut in the editing process, most will remain audible in the video. Unprepared answers will also tend to wander off topic as they try to fill in moments of hesitation.

Conducting a good interview: our tips

  • Questions in an interview: For an interview to be relevant, the formulation of questions is essential. Keep your questions simple and brief so that they are understood and interpreted correctly. Use open-ended questions so that your subject has something to answer. Avoid questions with a negative form that could influence the interviewee’s answers. Choose concrete questions that begin with Is it? Who? When? Why? How? Where? What do you think…?
  • Prepare for the interview: Consider helping the interviewer prepare. As mentioned above, the preparation of answers is as important as the questions. However, don’t hand over your entire list of questions as they will be asked. The subject may overlearn his or her part and your interview will lack spontaneity. In terms of visuals, specify the desired dress code to your interviewer. Remember to avoid colors that are too bright or shiny as well as complicated patterns or stripes that will draw too much attention. Accessories should also be chosen with care so that they are not too flashy or that they are the object of movement or parasitic noise (pendants that are touched, noisy earrings, electronic watches…)
  • Filming the interview: Film continuously to allow you to adjust and cut scenes as you see fit when editing. This will also allow you to have transitional lines so that you can go from one question to another without having a clean cut. To go to the next question, mark a short silence of a few seconds to be able to cut the scenes cleanly, if you want to change the order of the questions for example.

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