12 June 2018

photography in festivals

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return in pictures on the caribana festival

Festivals are the summer playground for photographers. Our photo studio Lakeprod has just closed the 28th edition of the Caribana Festival in Nyon.
Transcribing your concert or musical event in photos is the best publicity you can do for it. The colors, the movements, the emotions and the crowd that mix together create a unique atmosphere, which the photo captures marvelously.

Easier to broadcast than aftermovie videos, your return on the event in photo is the right communication tool to highlight your festival or any other musical event. We propose you today a selection of Lakeprod photos from the 28th edition of the Caribana Festival. Discover in pictures our return on the event and our main techniques.

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motion capture

In festivals, movement is everywhere. You have two possibilities: to freeze it or to highlight it. Whatever your ambition: be prepared. You won’t have time to go over it twice. Pre-adjust your camera, remove your cover and stay alert.

Have some composition ideas in mind, without necessarily looking for them stubbornly. So many unexpected things happen at concerts that it is counterproductive to have too many ideas in your head. An important technical point: if you want to freeze the movement and have a sharp subject, reduce the pause time by increasing the shutter speed. If, on the other hand, you want to blur the subject and emphasize the movement, do the opposite. You can lower your shutter speed and you will capture blurry motion with pretty light trails. The energy that comes out of the concert will look great in the picture.

Article Phtographie Festival Caribana Lakeprod
Caribana Festival Lakeprod Article Photographie En Festival

play with colors

Light is the most delicate part of the concert photo: daylight intermingles with darker light on stage, aggressive and colourful light spots and thick smoke blurs the whole thing. Nevertheless, a huge part of the concert atmosphere is captured by the lights. It is then necessary to adapt and enhance them.

Increasing the sensitivity of your camera, taking your photos in RAW so you can change the white balance in post-processing are our two main tips. Don’t forget not to pronounce the red lights too much on your photos, it makes them difficult to read. And finally, play with the smoke. It gives an unreal side to your creations by modifying the displacement and opacity of the coloured lights, absolutely fabulous.

capture the emotion

The artist offers a special emotion and all his energy to the audience during a concert. To photograph him in these moments is to retranscribe his dynamic and make it available everywhere. You can capture as much emotion in the artist as in the spectator. But the latter is more difficult to observe in the crowd (see next paragraph).

Focus on a face and its movements, play with lights and shadows to give depth to the features and you will then capture an emotion, and you can even amplify it.

focus on faces

The emotion at a concert is also in the faces of the festival-goers. Portrait photography is a discipline in its own right in photography and it is not easy to obtain a successful portrait, especially when the subject is surrounded. The faces you can photograph at a festival have sincere emotions, taken on the spot, which contributes to the charm of your photo.

Manage the zoom to isolate the subject in his element while leaving enough room to re-contextualize the scene. You can open its field of view and blur the rest. If the subject is in the middle of the crowd, you can isolate him completely by distinguishing him with his colors or confuse him to create a unity. Our photo and video studio Lakeprod realizes your photos in outdoor or indoor wear, in action or posed.

liven up the crowd

Caribana Festival Foule Photographie Article Lakeprod

The crowd is interesting to photograph as a whole. Indeed, consider it as a mass with uniform movement that reflects the colors and lights of the scene. So, the main issue is to photograph the crowd as a whole. A photo with a large number of interested people and without disparity (no borders, walls…) will highlight the crowd. Watch for the movements of the whole crowd. If they make the same gesture, it will create a uniform mass and your photo will be original and bright.

Photographe Festival Article Lakeprod Caribana

The main thing is to have fun taking pictures during a festival or musical event. Try out new techniques and let your imagination run wild.

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