23 November 2022

Corporate photos and videos: why call on a professional for your multimedia content

Corporate Photos And Videos

What is a corporate photo?

A corporate photo is a professional portrait of a member of the company’s team. Its purpose is to represent the different workers within a company, in particular to give it a more human image. While portrait photos used for CDs or other professional purposes are quite impersonal, corporate photos are really meant to reflect the qualities and personality of the photographed employee. Depending on the tone and quality of the photo, your brand image may differ. Communication through images is very telling and allows the company to be creative and therefore more attractive. It is therefore an excellent format to use to present your team while visually showing your values and the image you wish to present to customers.

Why using a corporate photo?

It is a very useful means of communication for companies. They can use this format to show their personality, their professionalism but also the fact that they are unique. Customers appreciate it when they can put faces to a company.
Corporate photography is not limited to corporate portraits, but can also include team photos, work environment photos such as the office, products and services, and events, both internal and external. All of this helps to highlight the dynamism of the teams and the company, which makes it more attractive to the client.
Corporate photography also allows you to create emotion and show the values of a company through a brand image and originality. Through corporate photos, you can show your staff at their best and demonstrate their importance within your team. Putting corporate photos on your website will also make it lively and attractive.
Your team can also use the photos for personal use (for example, by using them for their CV or LinkedIn page).

What is a corporate video?

It is a specific format for the communication of the company that talks about itself in this video. It can be used to convey its values or to make a corporate film and present its employees, its premises, its management or its history. It really helps to promote the company by highlighting its strengths and skills. It is also a way of advertising your company and making it known to as many people as possible.
The corporate video is aimed at potential customers but also at former and current customers to create proximity with them and offer them more transparency.
A corporate video or company video also allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors by creating a unique and inimitable identity. Indeed, differentiating a product or service can be difficult, but each team is unique and the video can really serve as a tool for differentiation and attractiveness.
A corporate video can also be made via a report or storytelling that can present a global vision of the company. You can then use this medium as a promotional or advertising spot.

Why choosing a corporate video?

Corporate video can be used internally or externally. It can therefore be used for advertising and to convey messages to prospects and customers through content that promotes the company’s identity and know-how. It can also be used as a communication tool to disseminate messages such as training, briefs or the company culture to the various employees.
To be effective, it is said that a corporate video must convey a single message so that the viewer is impressed by the message.
In addition, the video format is a topical format as it is lively and messages conveyed by video are proven to be better received by users. In fact, using videos on your website or even broadcasting them through the media can be an excellent communication tool for your company.  Indeed, it is easy to share a video or simply to watch it. That’s why you should use it to present a clear and precise message, while trying to be original and unique to stand out from the crowd.

Corporate photos and videos: why call on a professional

Photos and videos should be of high quality to show your professionalism and the quality of your services. We’ve all noticed how you can get a ready-made image of a company just by looking at the photos on their website. The website is a showcase for the company, so it must be attractive just by looking at the page. To do this, there is nothing better than well produced photos and videos that will catch the eye of the Internet user.
Moreover, calling on a professional allows you to have teams of specialised videographers and photographers at your events such as during a company trade show or for advertising purposes.
In the same way, for your advertising videos, using a professional team will allow you to have better quality shots that will illustrate your products and show them in their best light.
A professional team has experience and an overview that saves time and allows you to choose the best angles and settings for the different recordings. Whether it’s for interview or object videos, with a lot of movement or little movement, professionals will capture the best moments with precision.
Producing and directing corporate films requires a certain amount of know-how, which is why it is useful for your audiovisual productions to work with a photo and video studio that will accompany you during your shoots and offer you the best shots.
Finally, professional videographers and photographers are also specialised in post-production, i.e. for the whole editing process. They will know how to carry out quality photo and video editing in order to have a rendering that corresponds to you and highlights you.

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