19 April 2023

Corporate photo portrait, how to strengthen your company’s image

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The corporate portrait has become a key element of the professional image. Whether for LinkedIn profiles, company websites or press articles, professional portraits are essential to present a serious image that inspires confidence. In an increasingly competitive world, corporate photos can make the difference between being noticed or ignored. In this article we will explore the benefits of a quality corporate portrait and how a professional photo studio can help you achieve the professional image you desire.

What is a corporate portrait photo

A corporate portrait is a professional photo used to represent a company, organization or individual in the business world. It is often used for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, press articles, brochures and advertisements. The purpose of a corporate portrait is to present a professional, serious and confident image of the individual or company.

The corporate portrait can be taken in a professional photo studio or on location and can be taken in close-up or in a wider shot to include the working environment or other background elements. The subject is usually professionally dressed, with particular attention paid to hair and make-up. The photographer will often work with the subject to achieve a confident and friendly facial expression.

In short, corporate portraiture is an important tool to help companies and individuals establish a strong professional image and stand out in an increasingly competitive business world.

Corporate portrait photography by professional photographers

Corporate portraits are photographs designed to represent the professional image of a company or organization. Professional photographers working in this field are tasked with capturing images that reflect the values and culture of the company, while highlighting the people within it.

Here are some key steps that professional photographers usually follow when taking corporate portraits for companies:

  • Understand the client’s needs: Before even starting to take pictures, professional photographers talk to the client to understand their needs and expectations. They ask questions about the style, context and message the client wants to convey through the photos.
  • Planning the shoot: Once they have a clear idea of the client’s needs, professional photographers plan the shoot accordingly. They choose a suitable location, ensure that the necessary equipment is available and draw up a detailed plan for the shoot.
  • Preparing the subjects: Before taking the photos, photographers work with the subjects to help them prepare. This may include advice on clothing, make-up and hairstyles, as well as instructions on how to stand or pose for the photos.
  • Taking the photos: when taking the photos, they use composition, lighting and focusing techniques to capture professional quality images. They also guide the subjects to ensure that the photos meet the client’s expectations.
  • Select and edit photos: After the shoot, photographers sort and select the best photos. They then carry out light editing to improve the quality of the image, ensuring that the photos remain natural and accurately reflect the subjects and the company.
In summary, taking corporate portraits for businesses is a meticulous process that requires precise planning, effective communication with the client and a high level of technical skill. Professional photographers must be able to understand the client’s needs and work with the subjects to capture images that accurately reflect the company’s professional image. Remember, the goal is to capture your personality and brand image.

Why use a photo studio for corporate photos?

The corporate portrait is a key element in the communication of a company or an individual. Taking a corporate portrait requires meticulous preparation in order to guarantee an optimal result. It is therefore important to select a professional portrait photographer. The choice of photographer is crucial as he/she will direct the photo shoot, choose the best angle, the best light and guide you in the poses to adopt. It is essential to choose a competent photographer who will be able to immortalize your image in an optimal way.

Do not hesitate to ask your photographer all your questions before the session so that everything is clear and well prepared. With the right preparation, you will be able to get a high-quality portrait that can be used on your communication materials, especially on LinkedIn.

Why is it important to have corporate portrait photos on a company website?

Nowadays, a company’s online presence is essential for its visibility and success. A professional website is an indispensable tool to present the company and its teams, and to establish a solid brand image. Professional portrait photos are a key element in the presentation of the teams on a company’s website. Here’s why:

  • Show the authenticity of the company
    Professional portrait photos allow website visitors to see the faces of the people who work in the company. This creates a sense of closeness and authenticity, which is essential for building trust with customers and partners. Visitors can see the faces behind the company, which reinforces the transparency and authenticity of the company.
  • Create a professional image
    High quality corporate portrait photos create a professional image for the company. They show that the company cares about its image and presentation, which can give confidence to potential customers and partners. Professional portrait photos are often taken in a neat setting with good lighting and composition, which reinforces the professional image of the company.
  • Distinguish your business
    They can help differentiate your business from others. By using photos that reflect the company’s values and culture, visitors can get a sense of the working environment and the general atmosphere of the company. This can help attract qualified candidates and retain current employees.
  • Humanize the company
    Finally, corporate photos help to humanise the company. By showing the faces of employees, it reminds visitors that the company is made up of real people. Visitors can identify with the employees and feel more connected to the company. This can help build trust with potential customers and partners.


In conclusion, professional portrait photos are a key element in presenting a company’s staff on its website. They create a professional, authentic and human image of the company. Visitors can see the faces of the people behind the company, which builds trust and transparency. Professional portrait photos can help differentiate your company from others and attract qualified candidates. Therefore, it is important to take the time and resources to capture quality professional portrait photos for your business.


Professional portrait photos are an essential element to present the teams of a company on its website. They create a professional, authentic and human image of the company, and reinforce the confidence of customers and potential partners. By investing in quality professional portrait photos, companies can stand out from their competitors, attract qualified candidates and improve their brand image. It is therefore important to consider professional portrait photos as an investment in the presentation and success of your business online.

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