Sports photography focus

20 September 2019

Organizing a sporting event requires careful preparation to ensure its success. Its coverage must highlight the philosophy of the competition while illustrating the emotions felt by athletes and spectators. Photographs taken at sporting events are the best way to promote a future edition.

Our audiovisual production studio LakeProd accompanies you for photo and video coverage of your events.

Why use a professional photographer for your sporting events ?

Your website and social networks are the showcase for your sporting events. On these platforms, potential participants will be able to get a first idea of the competition, which is why the shots must be faithful to what you want to convey in your communication. Sports photography requires a certain technicality and skills, so hiring a professional is wise to obtain visuals that meet your expectations. He will be able to accompany you in order to highlight the values of pleasure and cohesion of a sporting event.

Which materials ? For what purpose ?

The main difficulty in sports photography is to perfectly match the athlete’s movement while choosing the most suitable environment for a quality result. Our photographers specializing in sports photography focus on working at high speed to freeze the present moment and the athlete’s movement, while avoiding blurred movement. Several choices of equipment are then possible, such as the telephoto lens. Often placed at a distance from athletes, its features allow you to take sports photos with a certain discretion, optimal sharpness and a wide angle of view. However, it cannot replace a camera with a standard lens. This allows more versatility in terms of angle of view and better responsiveness of photographers. Our teams therefore use these two types of equipment in a complementary way in order to cover your sporting event in the best possible way.

Which technique to use in sports photography ?

Depending on the photographic result you wish, several techniques can be applied by our professional photographers. A high shutter speed will really freeze the athlete’s movement, while a low shutter speed will bring an artistic touch to the picture thanks to a spun effect. Our team also opts for continuous photography, which increases the chances of obtaining a shot that meets your expectations.


Depending on the location of the sporting event, it is also important to ensure that the brightness is optimal, if necessary our photographer will study the choice of camera and its ISO sensitivity according to the location of your competition.

What skills are required for a sports photographer ?

The main qualities required by a professional photographer to cover a sporting event are adaptability, patience and dynamism. The speed of the movements, the number and movement of spectators, the duration of the competition, weather conditions are factors to be taken into account in addition to the rules to be respected in sports photography. Our photographers must be patient and responsive in order to take quality shots in terms of framing, brightness and athlete position.


Our team has a varied experience in different types of sports: swimming, cycling, running, trail, golf, athletics… This knowledge allows maximum anticipation on the field and increases the quality of the shots thanks to a quick adaptation to the environment and the subjects they photograph.

What will post-production bring ?

As with any shooting, post-production begins with the crucial step of sorting through the photos and videos in order to select the most powerful ones. Our photographers will then proceed with the processing, including retouching, framing changes that will enhance the atmosphere of the image and the photographer’s style. All images will be carefully processed, taking up to several days of work.

What is important to convey through sports photography ?

To make users want to participate in your sporting events, it is important to focus on the emotions and values associated with sport. Our photographers take pictures that bring together all the emotions that can be found in a sport while trying to capture the right action, the right time. They let their creativity speak for itself in order to bring different and original perspectives.

Our references in sports photography and video

Our team of professional photographers and videographers had the opportunity to work on several projects related to sport and of different sizes. From the coverage of the Nyon Triathlon to a report by Sofia Gonzalez, a future Paralympic athlete at the 2020 Olympic Games, the shots taken reflect the sensations associated with sport. Also discover our projects for the promotion of the Bike Lounge of Park Gstaad and the Golf Academy of the Country Club Geneva.


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