Animal shootings for your company

Animal shootings for your company

Would you like to make a buzz on your Facebook page with a picture of a kitten or cute puppy? Do you want to pleasantly surprise your audience, and generate a strong enthusiasm on their part, thanks to animal shooting? Do you want a successful advertising campaign? If your answer to these questions is yes, then read the rest of this article, and discover the basics about the world of animal shooting. This article demonstrates the full potential that animal shooting can offer to your promotional campaign, as well as its ability to adapt to any advertising medium, to allow you to achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.


Animal shooting, what is it?

Also called animal photography, this activity consists of taking pictures of wild or domestic animals in a given setting and environment. The shooting is carried out by a professional photographer, who has at his disposal the appropriate equipment to carry out the photo sessions. Among the most essential are long focal lengths, preferably reactive reflex cameras, essential for taking pictures of wild animals, and tripods, to support the weight of the camera. As for the rates, they vary greatly from one project to another, depending on the desired result and your expectations. Wildlife pictures are obviously more expensive to take.

Animals, a timeless and timeless focus of interest

Everyone appreciates animals, to a greater or lesser degree. Pets in particular are highly appreciated by households. Indeed, a survey conducted by Infomaison shows that in 2017, Switzerland had 1.7 million cats and 500,000 dogs. From a marketing point of view, this enthusiasm is interesting because it concerns several consumer segments, particularly the different age groups. For example, more than a quarter of cat or dog owners are active young people living in urban areas.

Launching an advertising campaign with an animal shooting therefore implies reaching a large part of the Swiss population directly or indirectly (depending on the domestic animal chosen for the shooting). The Swiss spent about 35 francs a month on their hairballs in 2016. This titanic figure includes a substantial budget allocated to animal shooting, commissioned by private individuals themselves.

Professional photo shooting in all its forms

With the permanent innovations that characterize the pet market, animal shooting benefits from an almost unlimited working environment. Today, there are even connected objects for dogs and cats. There is everything from automated food dispensers connected to the master’s smartphone to collars with geolocation systems. Theprofessional of animal shooting is regularly called upon to immortalize our companions, with their new gadgets. Its services are in particular requested by publishing houses, or websites offering these new products for pets as content. The pictures taken will thus be used to illustrate the information reported.


The above examples show how profitable the pet market is, especially for pet photographers. However, it is not necessary for a company to operate specifically in the animal sector in order for it to benefit from the positive effects of an animal shooting. It can use it through different advertising media as part of an advertising campaign, for example. In addition, regardless of the sector of activity, a professional photo shoot can greatly contribute to your communication strategy. Animals awaken in the consumer a sentimental fibre that we can touch through an animal shooting, whatever the advertising medium. It is not surprising that it is often videos, as well as pictures of animals, that create a buzz and become viral on the web.

The example of grumpy cat, a web icon

The words animal shooting will now take on a new meaning for you, when you learn that some people manage to generate more than 100 million dollars thanks to this. So let’s take a moment to look at the story of this cat named Tardar Sauce, better known internationally by the name Grumpy Cat. She is currently a superstar of the net, and has been since 2012.

However, it all started with a candid publication by his mistress Tabatha Bundesen’s brother, with photos on the social network Reddit. The unique expression of the pussy, which seems to make the head, has directly marked the entire internet, and has made the buzz worldwide.

The owner has taken advantage of the unprecedented success of her cat to offer derivative products, hence her current empire of 100 million dollars. You may think that’s all well and good, but how can you, as a company, benefit from such success, especially from a marketing point of view?

Aware of the enormous potential that the feline offers for optimal visibility on the web, the Friskies cat food brand has decided to keep Grumpy Cat as the face of its brand. Friskies has not spared no effort to make Tadar Sauce his ambassador. The brand’s viral communication is thus easy, with a muse animal with a total of more than 5 million fans on Facebook. Friskies adapts Grumpy Cat to all existing advertising media. The image of the little cat also benefits individual companies, such as self-employed workers. One example is the work of professional graphic designer Eric Proctor, who directs Grumpy Cat with Disney characters for a stunning result. The draftsman uses photo shots to draw his works.


Beyond the context, a logo, the effigy of a company…

There are several reasons to use an animal shooting in the context of a business. We will see them gradually in the following paragraphs, but let us already focus on a particular case, where an animal photo itself becomes a company logo, an effigy. And yes, it does exist! On February 23, 2010, a Japanese teacher published photos of her pedigree dog Shiba Inu called Kabosu on her personal blog. One photo in particular, where Kabosu looks in profile with high eyebrows captivates the internet, to become a full-fledged even, and is therefore included on all social networks. You can find the image in question as a profile picture of the dog’s Twitter account by clicking here. On December 06, 2013, a team of developers set up a new cryptocurrency, like the Bitcoin, called the Dogecoin. Guess who they chose to represent their logo? The Kabosu small dog itself, and its famous profile.

This choice of the team makes it possible to arouse originality and interest among Internet users, through this timelessly successful animal shooting. In this way, the company’s values are highlighted and the viewer has a clear idea of your company. For example, the lion represents power and decision, while choosing a rhinoceros for your logo will highlight the resistant and perfectionist side of your company.

Lion of MGM

Another example of a successful animal photo shooting depicting a company is the case of the famous introductory lion of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film company. Who hasn’t already seen this big roaring lion, appearing on all the Hollywood company’s big productions. For the anecdote, 5 lions have already succeeded each other to play this role, since the first appearance of the feline in 1916. In 1926, advertising photos were taken with renowned actresses posing side by side with the company’s feline mascot.

This lion has become a real mascot and will always be associated with this production studio. This is precisely the impact you need to create for your company: the viewers of your ads or who see your logo must retain the animal associated with your company.

An animal photo shoot to surf on trends

It is also possible to use animal shooting to surf on current trends, and anchor your corporate image in trends. Today, consumers are paying more and more attention to their lifestyle.

There is an awareness of the consequences of their consumption patterns on global warming, and the planet in general. Companies are surfing on this organic trend, offering products that are more environmentally friendly. As part of an advertising campaign, what better way to promote the beauty of nature and inspire respect than with an animal photo. In this case, we can opt for a communication strategy oriented towards corporate social responsibility, to affirm ecological values that are specific to your company.

An animal shooting, for example, is quite legitimate as part of an ecological or biodiversity campaign. You can choose one of the emblematic animals of a region, taken for example with all the employees of your company. The know-how of a professional in this case is highly recommended, to ensure a poignant and quality result.

In any case, setting up an animal photo shoot for your company will give it a real aura. Your company’s values will be affirmed and your prospects will then understand your competitive advantage.

If you wish to make an animal shooting, do not hesitate to contact us.