Aerial shots: stars of this early 2018!

15 February 2018

Aerial shots are now commonplace in the media or on social networks, thanks to the use of UAVs.

Aerial photography is now commonplace in the media or on social networks. The audiovisual world is giving these photos and videos a real place, and this is only the beginning, because aerial shots, photos or videos, are in high demand in 2018! And precisely, the use of drones allows easier access to these aerial shots.


Whether the aerial shots are taken from a helicopter or a drone, they make it possible to photograph a subject or a landscape from totally different angles and at the same time bring out different emotions in your images, or unusual points of view.


No longer needing to use a helicopter, drones now play a major role in aerial photography and video, thanks to their much lower cost but above all their practicality: in a few minutes, it is possible to make new and breathtaking images. The drones are equipped with a giro- stabilized nacelle allowing optimal stabilization of the camera installed on the drone in order to have fluid images without vibrations.


The small size of the drone allows us to take pictures that would have been impossible for us to take a few years ago. The remote control supplied with the UAV allows you to precisely manage the altitude, the speed of the UAV and also the inclination of the camera in order to take very dynamic shots.

Lakeprod Blog Les Prises De Vue Aeriennes Stars De Ce Debut D Annee 2018


Thanks to new technologies, the UAV can handle all types of situations, from shooting above water, at altitude, to cold temperatures. The UAV allows you to make images quickly thanks to an easy, and intuitive installation, in less than 10min you can get your UAV off the ground and off you go for about 23 minutes of flight! This flight time is sufficient to take many shots, however it is advisable to take several batteries in order to be able to take as many shots as you want.


Lakeprod Blog Les Prises De Vue Aeriennes Stars De Ce Debut D Annee 2018


As we said, aerial photos or videos are trendy, so don’t hesitate to use drone photos for your company. Animating your social networks with a drone video, even a short one, will be more powerful than a photo chosen from an image bank. By customizing your content, your digital strategy will be more attractive and efficient.


Lakeprod Blog Les Prises De Vue Aeriennes Stars De Ce Debut D Annee 2018


UAV photos and videos are an opportunity to show your company in a new light, or to present your products or services in an innovative way. This helps to make your website more dynamic, with powerful and attractive audiovisual content. Make your website more visual with photos and videos that highlight your assets.


Take height with drones shots for your videos to see our world differently, and bring a different perspective. Feel free to contact us if you want to take aerial shots.