28 October 2022

Video trends for 2023

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Why is it important to follow video trends?

In order to provide quality content for your communication and marketing campaigns, especially on the networks, it is important to keep up to date with the trends to interest users.
It is also important to keep up to date with user habits, which change regularly. 83% of people have a preference for watching video rather than reading written content, educational or not. In 2013, 28% of those surveyed said they watched more than two videos a week, today they are over 52%. This considerable increase accentuates the idea that video content is of paramount importance in your communication strategy. Hence the need to regularly update yourself on the trends.

Short video formats

Formats have been trending for years and will continue to do so in 2023, with people preferring very short video formats such as on TikTok. This system of short and very dynamic videos has been taken up by Instagram in particular, and we also see this kind of format on Facebook. These formats of 15 to 60 seconds are made for the large consumption of video. On the other hand, short formats between 3 and 6 minutes are also very popular when it comes to instructive and informative videos. It is therefore more interesting to look at this type of format for your communication strategy.

Tutorial videos

When users watch a video they expect to learn something. On YouTube, instructional videos have over a billion views every day, YouTube is one of the most effective platforms for video distribution, although Facebook, Instagram and TikTok offer a library of impressive videos too. To find inspiration for a tutorial topic, you can check out your social networks and see if there are any common questions that can be identified to meet your customers’ expectations.

Interactive video

Interactive video allows you to personalise the video experience for the user, who will feel more involved. It can be a quiz video, qcm for educational videos, and it is important to remember that during this video the viewer is addressed directly, in a fairly common language. This format allows for an improved user experience and good referencing thanks to the plug-ins.

Video collaboration

This is an interesting technique for a video and above all it is very trendy: highlight your collaborators, partners and employees in your video campaigns. Why? It gives a human image of your company, and it allows your values and corporate image to shine through. It makes it easier for future buyers to identify with you, and it conveys the idea of a modern company that fully integrates its employees. This kind of video can have a beneficial impact on employees as well, it will make them want to join and stay with the company.

The CSR video

The trend is towards CSR! This stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and is about the social and environmental concerns of organisations. It is important to communicate on environmental or social content marketing as soon as possible so that your digital communication is focused on an ethical theme. The sustainability of a product or service and the commitment of a brand have become essential criteria for customers. So it is important to have this kind of concept at the heart of your videos. Of course, the content of the video has to be relevant and in line with your editorial strategy, but if you can include CSR, that is very positive. However, beware of greenwashing. You should only communicate on your actions that make sense.

An internal video for your company

This type of format is very trendy because it is increasingly proven that highlighting internal projects boosts teams by offering merit and visibility, and it also makes new talent want to join the team. You can broadcast live events and boost internal talent. You can also ask your employees what kind of video they would like to create with original ideas and concepts.

The interview format is very trendy

You have probably already seen the Konbini videos, or the fast and curious, on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. This format is very trendy because it speaks to the audience. You can use it to highlight your products, services, your specificities, your company culture or present particular profiles of your company that you want to highlight and that know how to sell themselves. It is a dynamic format, often short, and allows you to develop a subject that is close to your heart.

Optimising your video with VSEO

As Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, they are becoming more and more efficient at studying videos and photos. Therefore, in the coming years it will be more and more crucial to optimise your audiovisual content. The better you optimise your videos, the more they will appear in the first search results or suggestions, whether on Google, YouTube or other social networks.
A good SEO strategy for your videos will allow you to increase your traffic rate on the web thanks to a better positioning in the search results.

Why choose LakeProd for your videos

LakeProd keeps up to date with the latest video trends and will be able to propose you content ideas to develop your notoriety as part of your digital marketing strategy. Our production and post-production experts have a keen eye for detail and quality equipment to deliver professional videos that will speak to your customers and employees. Our producers will provide you with the right editorial lines to help you achieve your goals through impactful visual productions.

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