Why call for an audiovisual communication agency ?

18 June 2019

Why call for an audiovisual communication agency ?

An audiovisual communication agency, or audiovisual agency, is an agency that specializes in the production of multimedia content and can also advise you on how to integrate this content into your marketing strategy. So why is it interesting to use such an agency ? How can it help you develop your communication strategy ? Here are some of the answers.

Audiovisual content to strengthen corporate communication

It is not always easy today to communicate with your customers. A significant part of corporate communication is done via the Internet or through digital media such as television. This is why audiovisual content (photos, videos, motion design, drone shots, etc.) is essential. Indeed, texts are less and less read in the digital age and the impact of photos and videos is greater than ever. For example, it can be noted that an individual retains 70% of the data seen in a video compared to 20 to 30% for other media. It is therefore necessary to think about integrating this type of content into your website and/or social networks for example.

Using an audiovisual communication agency can therefore enable you not only to produce these contents, but also to integrate them in a relevant way into your various means of communication.


Good corporate communication is indeed essential for various reasons. It not only generates new customers, but also transmits the values of a company, gives confidence, communicates on specific actions, increases your notoriety etc. The internal and external communication of your company can therefore allow you to make the difference with your competitors, hence the interest of using an audiovisual production company.

Collaborate with an audiovisual communication agency

The audiovisual communication agency is a complete entity bringing together the skills of the communication agency, the photographers’ agency and those of the video communication agency (or video marketing agency). Using this type of agency will therefore allow you to have a wide range of services to support your audiovisual communication.


Collaboration is indeed total: from the initial need to the integration of content. The first step is usually to understand the company’s needs in order to adapt content production. This makes it possible, for example, to determine whether it is relevant to produce a company video, whether it would be interesting to take portrait photos of the various employees, whether the use of drones for aerial photography can bring added value to your communication, etc. It is therefore defined the type of audiovisual content to be produced.


Then comes the stage of the realization of the contents. The audiovisual agency then puts its photographers, videographers, directors, etc. at the service of your projects. From production to post-production, there is only one watchword: quality content that conveys the desired messages. The equipment used is of course professional equipment: drone, 4K camera, post production software etc.


Then, if your company needs it, the audiovisual communication agency takes on its role as a marketing agency by helping you to develop a strategy for integrating content into your communication. For example, our audiovisual agency will be able to advise you on the content adapted to social networks, your website, etc.

Why use our photo video marketing agency ?

If your company is based in French-speaking Switzerland, you can call on our audiovisual communication agency Lakeprod to produce and possibly integrate your multimedia content (institutional films, advertising films, aerial shots, etc.). Our agency offers you several advantages. First of all, the proximity between agency and client is important because it facilitates the necessary communication during the steps mentioned above. This allows us to produce work that meets your expectations and as quickly as possible.


In addition, our agency has already carried out numerous collaborations which allows it to apprehend any new project under the best conditions. Our creative teams are specialized in various fields (photography, video, project management), it will be many experts who will be able to contribute to your project, with a single point of contact for you: the project manager.

If you would like more information about our production company, please do not hesitate to contact us.