The photos that marked the year 2017

21 December 2017

The photos that marked the year 2017

The end of the year is fast approaching, and it is time to look back at 2017, in photography. Many photos have been honoured with prizes or awards. Here is the selection we have made for you.


Animal pictures are often the most majestic. They are very difficult to achieve because it takes a lot of patience, meticulousness but it is also necessary to be quick to set up the adjustments at the right time and especially to take the perfect picture. Also, it is important to have a good composition, to find an unknown and original angle of view. The key is to capture the light to highlight the animal in an unexpected way.


Jasen T.



Wai Hoe Mok


David Lloyd


Andreas Hemb


Landscape photos are often the most impressive! Whether they are made with a drone or not, they are often grandiose. They ask to locate the places upstream to find the perfect place and know the time of day when the light is most favourable. There is also a part of chance because the light changes according to the days. Patience is therefore the key word in landscape photography.

Photo of the Vestrahorn mountain, taken in Iceland by Etienne R68


Photo taken at Mont-Saint-Michel in France, by Loïc Lagarde


Volcan Fuego, Guatemala, by Engelmann


Sebastien Roignant


Masayasu Sakuma


Portrait photos are those that can express a lot of emotions through a simple look or expression at a specific moment. The photographer usually focuses on the eyes and gaze of the model.

By Steve McCurry



Alessio Albi




Portrait photos can also be contextualized: it consists in including the subject in a place and an atmosphere that corresponds to him, to capture the moment and the subject expression. These shots are natural or staged.

« Playing in the rice paddies » by Michael Portillo


Som Picture


Jason O’brien


The photo-montages are also to be highlighted because of their particular atmosphere. Indeed, the imagination invites itself in these photos to modify reality and convey emotions that are still unknown. Often, elements that do not necessarily combine are combined to form an impressive and surprising picture, as is the case in the following ones.

Bruno Ziegler « autumn leave »



Julie de Waroquier



David Olkarny


Each photo is unique and each photo can evoke different memories and emotions. As you will have understood, this year 2017 has been rich in photographic creations, and photographers have been there to offer us ever more impressive shots!

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