Portrait photo / portrait photographer

Portrait photo / portrait photographer.

A unique portrait photo

Would you like to highlight your employees with portrait photos ? Do you want to optimize your communication supports ? Our photo studio specializes in portrait photography, whether it is a black and white portrait, a studio portrait or a portrait in daylight.

Capture personality through a portrait photo

Portrait photography is a specific discipline of photography. It is not only about taking a harmonious picture: it is about capturing your personality and corporate image in one shot. Our professional photographers have the technical skills and artistic creativity to guarantee you a unique photo in high definition, thanks in particular to the bokeh technique (background blur) that detaches the person and plays with natural light. From staging to post- processing (retouching and photo editing), they will be able to highlight every look and every smile. Discover an article from our blog containing our first tips for a successful portrait.

Enhance the value of your teams

Portrait photography is a powerful communication tool for your company. Through a professional portrait, our expert photographers highlight the expertise and humanity of your collaborators. Print communication media, website, social networks, the uses are diverse for this type of photos. They will help your partners and future customers to put a face on your employees and your company, but also to understand your values.


These are the details that prove the human richness of a company : a portrait photo is enough to illustrate the dynamic, supportive, bold, or honest character of a team.

Lakeprod quality : studio and state-of-the-art equipment

Our team provides you with a fully equipped studio and state-of-the-art photo equipment to ensure the best possible portrait photo for a fast and professional result. According to your needs, we also carry out photo sessions outdoors, in a natural, urban or more original environment and more varied shots.

The word of the photographer

“It’s not always easy to get someone who’s not used to it to pose. For a natural and harmonious rendering, I put the model into action and talk to it. He relaxes more easily in his own universe and the photo is more authentic, the smile comes from himself. Sparkling result guaranteed!”


Do you want to boost the image of your teams ? Represent them at their fair value ? Are you interested in our services ?


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