Motion design

Motion design.

Do you want to promote your company in an innovative way? Do you want to create original video content for your business, products or services? Choose a motion design video, a dynamic and modern format. The Lakeprod photo and video studio meets your expectations thanks to its team of illustrators and motion designers.

What is motion design?

It is the combination of graphic creation techniques with animation content, in the form of graphic animation videos. This mix of techniques is used to produce video production such as corporate films, advertising packaging, credits and promotional films.


After one minute, you can expect 70% user engagement. Motion design videos increase your visibility.


Why use motion design videos?

We design different graphic elements (logos, products, illustrations or vector images) to create a unique universe that reflects your image, whatever your field of activity. We bring your communication media to life with 3D animations and the creation of illustrations with the use of your visual identity. Creating a motion design is an original and subtle way to convey your company’s values but also to promote your products through online video.

We have extensive experience in visual communication: our graphic designers produce animated videos for you with adapted special effects and graphic design in accordance with your needs. They are suitable for all types of companies and are suitable for many products or services. This format offers you the possibility to script your digital communication campaigns or even to create a company presentation video with an adapted graphic design. Motion design video production is popular on television, but it is gradually spreading on social networks and websites.

The advantages of motion design for training

The dynamism and educational nature of motion design is particularly relevant in the world of training. These graphic arts, their clear content with a voiceover make it possible to explain a new concept, a process, or to put in image instructions for use of products for example. The design and production of the motion design video is thus perfectly integrated into all training materials and visuals.

The advantages of motion design LakeProd studio

We produce your motion design videos on our premises and advise you on the strategy to broadcast these creative animations. You also benefit from more in-depth communication advice through our communication agency Habefast. We rework your videos in post-production to adapt them to all media: your website, your social networks or your interactive presentations. We advise you on how to write the script for the film, how to design the storyboard or even the music, in order to make your motion design videos even more fun and effective. Thanks to an animation software, we offer you a complete support in order to enhance each realization and shots.

The word of the illustrator

“What I like about motion design is that everything is modular: I create characters and a theme, then the story can take on all possible dimensions.”


You want to ask our motion designers for advice? Are you interested in our services?


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