photographer in nyon.

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photographer in nyon.

Your company is located in Nyon and you want to use the services of a professional photographer? You want to make a shooting for your company or for an event ? Our LakeProd photo and video studio accompanies you from A to Z to photograph and immortalize your projects.

high quality photos to satisfy your expectations

Our photographers in Nyon will put their technical knowledge and creativity at your service to help you define your photo project and help you achieve your objectives. Our high quality photo equipment will guarantee you high definition shots to enhance your business and your teams.

In addition, our team has a thorough knowledge of Nyon and has found the most picturesque places in the city. We can therefore effectively guide you in the choice of your location for your photo sessions. Our professional photographers will take original shots for you, according to your desires and needs, indoors or outdoors to play with natural light. Feel free to contact us to meet us in our studio at 18 route de Champ-Colin.

In addition, our photo agency has drones capable of taking pictures at altitude. This technology offers high-end photos at more affordable prices than by helicopter. If you wish, the drone will give an incredible depth to a professional photograph. Discover an article on our blog presenting our realizations by drone.

a quality service whatever the context

The photographers of our production agency will meet your expectations whatever your field of activity and your project (fashion photography, sports photography, concert photography, architecture photography, culinary photography…). Their experience with many local companies has allowed them to immerse themselves in the challenges of each sector, to adapt to your strategic context in a relevant way. From the taking of the shot to the post-production, our mission is to enhance your business through quality photos. In addition, the photographs obtained are intended to be distributed on all types of communication media (your website, your social networks, your display media…) whether through an advertising campaign or simply a photo report.

Thanks to their experience, our photographers will put their versatility at your service and adapt their photographic style in order to optimize all the shots taken during the photo sessions. To do this, they will show a high level of technical requirement, in terms of image sharpness or light for example. They will also bring their expertise in the choice of photo models for the shooting and will be able to optimize the results of a photo session through retouching.

the word of the photographer

think Nyon is a very photogenic city. The view of Lake Geneva from the castle is breathtaking, which allows you to take exceptional pictures. In addition, the city centre is ideal for shooting because it offers superb scenery.

Working as a photographer in Nyon

Our Nyon photo technicians are especially familiar with the area since we are based right here. Our teams will find the perfect shots and settings to get the best pictures, playing with contrast, light and framing. We will know where to make the shooting according to your project, at the Castle of Nyon, at the lake of Geneva or in the heart of Nyon downtown. We will get the visuals you are looking for by accompanying you throughout the whole shooting process. The art of photography is not only theoretical but also instinctive, and our photography experts will know how to fix the lens on the best pictures in Nyon.