Submaryne. Behind this pseudonym we discover Marine Kaltenbacher, a 22-year-old Lausanne musician, singer, pianist, guitarist and even saxophonist. It was during the shooting of his video clip for the song Junebug that our team met Marine.


The objective of our team on the shooting of the Junebug clip was to make a making-of of the clip, using photo and video backstage shootings, in order to highlight the atmosphere and the process of shooting this clip to the public.


A meeting with the director and Marine’s agent before the shooting allowed our team to better understand the objectives and expectations regarding the realization of this making-of. The idea was to make an underwater video clip with dancers and slow motion shots, specificities requiring technical preparation to allow underwater shooting.

It was in the evening that the shooting took place, in a property on the shores of Lake Geneva. After having assisted the teams in setting up the lighting and decor, in particular the placement of the piano in the pool, our team was able to concentrate on taking photos and videos of backstage. Various shots of the rehearsals were shot. Our photographers/video makers were able to follow the whole team in the making of the video, Marine of course but also the dancers, the stylist, the director, the chief operator and all the teams present who participated in the smooth running of the shooting.



The various shots made it possible to produce a video of about 2:30 minutes, a balanced mix of backstage images, make-up and hairdressing session, setting up the lights and set, preparing the dancers, and images from the Junebug clip. The soundtrack used to enhance the shots is the music of the clip.