Customer context

The Porsche Centre of Geneva is developing a whole department around “Porsche Classic” to promote classic vehicles and introduce its customers to emblematic models of the brand. Events are organized each year for customers and enthusiasts of these old models.


LakeProd was pleased to provide photo and video coverage of the 2017 and 2018 Classic Rallyes.


For the 2017 edition of the Geneva Porsche Classic Rally, our team followed the owners of Porsches Classics over 2 days on the roads between Switzerland, Italy and France around Mont-Blanc. Something to delight everyone’s eyes!


The 2018 edition, for its part, lasted 3 days. An exceptional journey once again along the lakes and through the country’s forests and most beautiful passes.


For these two consecutive years, our team’s objective was to capture the atmosphere and the best moments of the trip by taking photos, videos and drone shots.


Conviviality and passion being the key words of these two weekends, our team transcribed this atmosphere through photos and videos, obviously putting the Porsche Classic at the heart of the achievements.


In partnership with Maison Chopard for the 2018 event, our team had the honour of meeting the co-president of the House and discovering all the secrets of the Manufacture de Fleurier. This was followed by a series of interviews and testimonies from the various participants in this 2018 rally.


This rally was thus more focused on a documentary video than the previous year’s rally.