Customer context

Planet Caviar is a company based in Geneva since 1997. Wholesaler and importer of caviar and salmon, this company offers high-end products from the land and sea in these four areas dedicated to excellent products: its restaurant, its fine food store, its cellar and its bar. In these four areas, exceptions products from the sea such as caviar, Red King Crab, salmon and other smoked fish are available. There are also local products such as fresh white and black truffles and foie gras. In the cellar, an assortment of wines and spirits is offered.


The salmon and other fish offered by Planet Caviar are smoked homemade with a traditional preparation and a wood friction smoking specific to the company.


The objective of this collaboration was to produce various videos and photos to present the entire production process of the products offered by Planet Caviar to feed their website and social networks.


In order to meet this objective, our team has taken various photos and videos. For example, a video was produced highlighting the salmon preparation process from A to Z, including smoking in their preparation laboratory, using a company specific technique.

The company’s specialty, caviar, also had the right to a series of videos to highlight the different types of caviar available, the quality of the products offered or the identification of differences between caviars for customers.


Photo and video shootings also highlighted the different sales corners and dishes on offer. A focus on product preparation from raw food to dishes served to customers highlighted the craftsmanship, handmade craftsmanship and human aspects of preparation.

Macrophotography sessions were also held to highlight the quality of the products and the meticulous production techniques down to the smallest details.

Finally, it was a photo session that we held with a Geneva-based influential woman that allowed us to promote the products offered by Planet Caviar to their target customers.