The history of the Ornata brand is based on the unfailing passion of its founder, Jean-Louis Cuanillon. Launched in 1977 in Biel, the brand had to close in 1997 following the watchmaking crisis. It was reborn thanks to Sébastien Cuanillon who wanted to make his project a reality by developing a Swiss watch that combines quality and precision while offering a financially affordable product.





To promote this timepiece, our professional photographers have taken packshot photos with the use of macrophotography technique. Zooming in on the components and details of the watches was the objective of our photo studio in order to put the brand’s philosophy, namely: quality and precision.



Our audiovisual production studio’s mission was to produce a video of about 30 seconds to present this “Swiss Made” product in all its forms. It was essential to show each component, fully assembled and controlled in Lausanne and which testifies to Swiss know-how.