Customer context

Les Pseudos is a Swiss music group, composed of seven members, divided on keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, accordion and vocals. Their repertoire is varied: hits from yesterday and today, hits from the 80s, disco or pop, and all in “rock”, “variety” or “concert” versions depending on the nature of your event.


Project objectives

Their registers are very varied but it is in a very specific context that our team met the Pseudos. Indeed, it was during the Johnny Hallyday tribute concert, “Merci Johnny”, which was held for three days in Gland in July 2018, that we met the members of the group.

The objective of this shooting was to capture the last concert of this tribute event so that the group would have a video relating their performance and the atmosphere of their group “on stage”.


In order to cover all aspects of the concert, our projects were diverse, with photos and videos, on stage and backstage.


One of our photographer and videographer followed the preparation, make-up, vocal warm-up and rehearsal before they entered the stage.

The backstage was a privileged moment to get to know the members of the group in person, in order to better reflect their energy and state of mind during the post-production.

For this event, the group was reinforced by more than seven people to make this concert an unforgettable event, both for the spectators and for the members of the group.

The video we made of this tribute concert is a mix of wide shots obtained with a fixed camera that filmed the entire lively and moving concert. The tight shots immortalized the musicians’ energy, the sound of the instruments, but also the emotion felt and transmitted by the spectators. Thanks to this, we were able to show in this video the different ways in which the concert was experienced by all the participants.

We also edited a teaser from the highlights of this video to promote the group in advance of their participation in a major music festival.


A word from the photographer:

“The moment that marked me was just before the concert. Before they came on stage, they closed their eyes to concentrate and at that moment I could only hear their breath.”