Customer context

Ineo Care Switzerland is a brand of men’s cosmetics “made in Switzerland”, designed for dynamic men. Their main requirement is to use Swiss natural resources to develop innovative products. Their packs are designed for the bathroom but also for travel and sport to suit active men. Ineo Care would like to highlight different characteristic values of their products, “swiss”, “smart”, “sharp”, “style”, “sport” or “science & nature”.

Project objectives

The objective of the various photo shoots was to have a photo database for social networks, printed visuals and the Ineo Care website. The idea was also to be able to create various gifs for social networks.


The photos for Ineo Care were taken during various shootings in order to have packshots photos, products, atmosphere and campaigns with models.


A first shooting packshots highlighted the mountain and nature side, with natural elements such as wood and stone to anchor the product in a natural context. Our photographers went out into the wild to collect different elements that would correspond to the desired universe, with colors and shapes that would enhance the products during studio shoots. The aim was to show the products in an authentic way with simple elements and beautiful light.


A second shooting packshots was made to highlight the products in the simplest and purest way possible: in front of a white background. The challenge of this shooting was the position of the lights on the products. Indeed, the positioning of the lights was essential to avoid reflections on the packaging. This type of visual packshot then makes it easy to create gifs by adding graphic material for social networks.


The last shooting was done with models, for Valentine’s Day, in order to highlight the products displayed on the website. The products were thus staged in a hotel room and an airport to highlight the practicality of Ineo Care products for travel. For these photos, a more artistic style than the previous ones were preferred. Some photos were taken with the products in application, others without products, in a spirit of advertising photography.