Customer context

Boule D’Or is a family business that makes “Pão de Queijo”, a delicious Brazilian specialty made from local Swiss products such as the famous Gruyère cheese.

Our team has intervened to promote these delicious creations on its website and social networks. Already satisfied with the services provided by our communication agency Habefast for their marketing strategy, the founding couple of Boule d’Or has trusted us to produce videos and photo shoots.


The objective is to create a real proximity and sincere communication with consumers by introducing them to the manufacturing processes or ingredients found inside the products. A video packshot centered only on the product was then shot in studio condition with more light and a more elaborate script.

Interviews with the founders in action were also conducted by our team, each in their own field of expertise.



Finally, to enrich Boule d’Or’s social networks, we were able to make a photo shoot with different influencers and shoot videos during product presentation events such as Manor, Migros and a school in Geneva.

Marie Pascale’s tips and recipe ideas

We made various gourmet videos with Marie Pascale to give ideas for an association between “Pão de Queijo” and other delicious ingredients.