Behind the Befit concept ! Coaching is Valérie Escandon, a sports and nutrition coach who wants to share her passion for sports and nutrition with her clients.

She organizes various activities such as “full-body” trainings to work all muscles, in small groups, outdoors in the heart of the forest or in case of bad weather in a room in Crassier. Valérie also offers nutrition coaching to help you get back in shape, and online sports and nutrition coaching sessions if you can’t get around.


The objective of this project was to create a photo and video database around his universe and state of mind, to convey his values and highlight these elements on his website, the creation of which was managed by our communication agency Habefast.


Achievements for Befit ! Coaching were various, photo and video shootings.

First of all, a video highlighting Valérie’s philosophy and state of mind was produced. This global video was built in two parts, a first part on Valerie herself and a second part on the coaching she offers.

The first part of the video, personal, shows Valerie’s day, her breakfast preparation, her jogging in the nature with her dog. In the house, long shots were used, and for outdoor shots, they are drone shots. In the second part, the video highlights the courses offered by Valérie in the heart of the forest, during which she uses elements of nature as sports equipment and the different activities she offers with Befit ! Coaching.


Finally, it was during a second photo shoot for the website and social networks that we were able to highlight the different activities offered by Valérie in her sports hall in Crassier.

Our team also carried out two photo shoots to highlight Befit’s activities! Coaching on the website. A first photo shooting made in parallel with the video highlights different plates, breakfasts and healthy meals staged to illustrate Valérie’s website and Instagram. This first shooting was completed with photos of the athletes in motion to immerse us in the atmosphere of the proposed coaching sessions, without staging for more realism.